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2008-11-23T07:11:36.000-08:00November 23 2008, at 07:11 AM PST, John Schroll said:

We havent played up to our potential the past few games boys. Lets get back on track by playing strong D, centers backchecking, and fowards covering the points. Tuesday is a big game lets blow them out of the water!!

2008-11-13T06:19:54.000-08:00November 13 2008, at 06:19 AM PST, Jason Figueiredo said:

Hey guys, I've updated the site with all the stats that I have for now. I don't have sheets for the first three games yet but we'll get them I think. There is a goal unaccounted for from the first Cambridge Fire game. It was the first goal, can anyone remember if it was them?

2008-11-05T05:26:19.000-08:00November 05 2008, at 05:26 AM PST, Jason Figueiredo said:

Gus - we have to get better about getting those stat sheets. I have the worst memory and I'll definitely need them to get the stats up here on the page.

2008-11-04T14:14:58.000-08:00November 04 2008, at 02:14 PM PST, Brian Welch said:

Ok, guys. Start getting pumped for next week's game. Good old Cambridge Fire. I am sure they'll be out to get us so, eat your Wheaties. Those guys are puds.

2008-11-03T09:58:57.000-08:00November 03 2008, at 09:58 AM PST, Jason Figueiredo said:

Ya, I think it does default but I think I can go in and adjust it from the admin side.

2008-11-03T05:21:32.000-08:00November 03 2008, at 05:21 AM PST, Brian Welch said:

So, based on the little roster sheet, it looks like we have a full squad tonight. I am guessing that it just defaults to "attending".

2008-10-30T08:25:23.000-07:00October 30 2008, at 08:25 AM PDT, Jason Figueiredo said:

I have a small one we could use or we could even just use a camera phone.

2008-10-29T16:24:45.000-07:00October 29 2008, at 04:24 PM PDT, John Schroll said:

Anyone have a digital camera that we can take pics in our new jerseys and post them as our individual pic??



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